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TrussLite towers feature a wide range of applications with two basic kinds of tower systems available. The towers can be used as supportive stands for various grids (e.g. in roof systems or large span structures) and can also be used as a support for speakers. If you need more information or would like to talk through your requirements with one of the team, please contact us.


Tower 1

Tower 1 is built from quick-lock line segments and can go up to 7.5m (24.6ft) high. Its loading capacity is 1000kg, making the system ideal for roof designs and large-scale LED screen set-ups. The tower can be equipped either by a hand winch, a manual chain hoist or a rigging motor.

Weight120kg (264,6lb)
Height7,5m (24,6ft)
Load1000kg (2204,6ft)
Part List 
TT BP1 pcs
TT SB1 pcs
TT HS4 pcs
TT TS1 pcs
TT LO4 pcs
TT34-5001 pcs
TT34-20002 pcs
TT34-30001 pcs

Tower 2

Tower 2 is a heavy-duty tower built from quick-lock line segments that can be built up to 12m (39ft) high with a loading capacity of 2000kg (4410lbs). This type of tower system is also used in TL Roof 3 and is very well suited for use with large-scale structures with high loads and longer spans.

Weight315kg (694,5lb)
Height12m (39,4ft)
Load2000kg (4409,2ft)
Part List 
TG BP1 pcs
TG SB1 pcs
TT HS4 pcs
TG TS1 pcs
TG LO4 pcs
TT44-10001 pcs
TT44-20004 pcs
TT44-30001 pcs

PA Tower 1

PA Tower 1 is a light-duty version of the TrussLite rigging tower and features a loading capacity of 800kg (1763lbs) and a maximum lifting height of 6,60m (21ft). It’s relatively small dimensions make PA Tower 1 suitable for a variety of applications including outdoor events, concerts, shopping malls, entrance halls, exhibitions, displays, theme parks and corporate events.

Max. Lift Height6.6m (21.65ft)
Max. Load Capacity800kg (1764lb)
Main Tube50x4mm 1.96x0,15"
Braces20x2mm 0.78x0.08"
Part List 
TT34-3004 pcs
Base Corner 60°1 pcs
Rear Stabiliser1 pcs
Connection Stab2 pcs
Top Section1 pcs
Stabiliser Pipes 60x52 pcs
Screw Jack Attachment8 pcs
Screw Jack8 pcs

PA Tower 2

The medium duty PA Tower 2 features a loading capacity of 1000kg (2204lbs) and a maximum lifting height of 9,25m (30ft). A stronger structure and higher loading capacity make the PA Tower 2 ideal for medium size events such as concerts and live entertainment shows, festivals, theme parks, corporate events and more.

Max. Lift Height9.25m (30.35ft)
Max. Load Capacity1000kg (2205lb)
System Weight425kg (937lb)
Ballast500kg (1102lb)
Part List 
TQ4-36-30004 pcs
TQ4-36-25001 pcs
Base Corner 60°1 pcs
Rear Stabiliser1 pcs
Connection Stab. Left1 pcs
Connection Stab. Right1 pcs
Top Section1 pcs
Stabiliser Pipes 60x52. Screw Jack Attachment pcs
Screw Jack10 pcs

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