Disney Cars Launch At Westfield Shopping Centre

Disney’s Cars 3 is now on release in cinemas across the UK, and we were fortunate enough to play a part in of some of the promotional activity at a Gala screening!

London based Sublime Promotions, who specialise in experiential and live activity events for the entertainment sector, commissioned us to create a backdrop for the promotional launch, which took place at Westfield Shepherd’s Bush.

While the client had an initial idea of what they wanted, we worked closely with them to finalise the installation. The decision was made not to frame the backdrop with truss, but to create a support behind it, which gave a ‘floating ’ effect.

Ballasts were also used for support, and stringent health and safety checks were put in place to ensure that the display would not fall over in a crowded retail space. Structural calculations were also implemented during the design process.

Pop-up Promotion

We used the TriLite 200 series to form the structure, which is a triangular shape instead of a quad formation, and therefore sleeker and easier to use when hiding the support elements of the backdrop.

The system itself measured 10 meters long, holding up a bright and impactful one-piece graphic, which was digitally printed onto PVC and provided a wonderful space to house 2 life-size versions of the films main character cars!

The display looked great! Sublime Promotions were really pleased with the outcome and had these kind words to say:

We recently appointed TrussLite to supply a truss system and branding for a backdrop for the Gala screening of the Cars 3 film release.

The installation at Westfield shopping centre provided a perfect accompaniment to the 2 life-size models on display.

The production was seamless, and the service we received was both impeccable and swift.

I’d highly recommend their company and products.

Providing innovative and attractive display solutions for promotional launches and events is a speciality of ours! Contact our team today with your next project requirement and find out what we can do for you too.



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