How To Stand Out At Exhibitions

Autumn and winter months are a peak time for exhibitions and trade shows to take place. With a variety of events to attend and a myriad of businesses and different exhibitors going to them, it’s vital that the budget you spend on your stand is maximised with an innovative and creative design that captures attention and drives people to come and talk to you.

With this in mind, we’ve used our experience and know-how to produce four top-tips and ideas for you to consider when beginning an exhibition stand design project.

1 – Use different shapes in your stand design

Off-the shelf stands can be basic and uninspiring. With a range of materials, products, and printing techniques now available, there’s nothing stopping you from experimenting with a more individual design that fits with your brand, but that sets you apart from the stands around you, and ultimately your competitors. Curves and fabric frames can be used to great effect for example, and while simple to design and install, can add a point of difference.

2 – Bright and impactful visuals

The use of bold and stunning print as a focal point on your stand will add interest to its overall look. Suspended aluminium frames can display imagery and text above or within your stand set up, or colourful backdrops, banners, and flooring can be used to add further interest.

3 – Digital displays

LED screens on exhibition stands are an emerging trend that’s taking hold. The great thing about using LED’s is that you can upload all manner of images, text, corporate branding pre-recorded, or use a team member or professional VJ to mix live or interactive content on your stand while you’re exhibiting.

4 – Think about lighting

Using different types of lighting can create interesting and dramatic effects on your stand and can be used to highlight important images or graphics. Coloured wash lights can give your stand an individual look and can help to attract extra visitors.

The TrussLite team has many years of experience advising, designing and installing custom exhibition stands that make an impact. Contact our team today to discuss how we can help you on your next trade show or exhibition project.



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